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Owners David & Natalie

Is A Personal Trainer Right For You?

Taking the Complicated Out of Getting Fit

Despite numerous studies that exist today, often what we know about fitness is actually embarrassingly simple. Yet, we have found countless ways to obscure some basic truths. We are here to uncomplicate things for you!

"David & I started working together in 2014 & he taught me basic exercise techniques that evolved in to bodybuilding & conditioning.  Together we decided on the right nutrition plan that would take me on stage to take three 1st place titles and compete at the National Level.   David is passionate & detailed about helping his clients achieve their goals."

Tiffany Hendy

"I have been impressed with David's skill as a trainer from day 1. He has taught me how to be more aware of the muscles I am working on by isolating them. As I workout, David studies my form so I do not use muscles that are not intended to be used for each workout."

Kim Ortiz

"Coach David is the best... After a herniated disc injury I met David and he helped me back through my recovery strengthening my back and core while losing weight, building muscle and feeling great. Trust his method and advice. Coming from a college football background of weightlifting and training he taught me a whole new perspective in my work outs that have been so much more effective verses what I was taught all these years in sports."

Danny Edmonds